2014 + Monogamy

I sometimes see people in my generation aged 25 – 35, who’s parents are still together.
I marvel it when I do, and try to imagine, there must have no doubt, been ups and downs, but WOW!
That is love and strong will…

I envy those, with those parents, only for a mere second.

I do feel spiritual at my age of 31, and raising children within a loving environment, appeals to me now more than most other things as I grow older.

The trouble is, monogamous relationships in this current day and age are way more difficult to maintain
The competition and access is fierce
The competitors all offer that gleam of appeal

But then…

Only a strong-willed individual, as well as two in a relationship with joint ambitions and beliefs, can keep composed as to deflect those others and their advances, if so.

I somehow feel, unions and partnerships in relationships, make more balanced children that develop into adults

Why I say this?

A child deserves the best opportunity in life starting with two parents, who, despite life and financial pressure/s, love each other and shed that love onto their child,
As, he/she needs teachers of both sexes to teach him/her about their self, and about male and females and how to act around them.

As we get older more of us are starting to attempt what is right but do stay strong folks
Your little people will admire you for it ….


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