What is the meaning?

I finally found a woman I could, and want to spend the rest of my life with
We have even had a beautiful daughter together recently
The problem is though…
The mood swings…
In over a year and a bit and I still don’t react properly to it
She is the best and most loving person I could possibly imagine to be with when she is happy
Then suddenly…
She changes…without warning
And me, like an idiot, still not good with dealing with it
I think because it make me feel like, why I gotta bear the brunt, all the time?
Am I the only man go through this, or do all relationship/females have these issues?
This is now my 2nd child/daughter and the main reason she is here is because I wanted a family, I was young the first time round and knew nothing about being an adult, much less a man and boyfriend and father
Now it seems the day and age I’m in is more intent on broken homes and troubled people who continually are affected by coming from broken homes
Try as I might the life I want may actually be a myth nowadays and so I ask,
What is the true meaning…of life families and relationships?


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