What is the meaning?

I finally found a woman I could, and want to spend the rest of my life with
We have even had a beautiful daughter together recently
The problem is though…
The mood swings…
In over a year and a bit and I still don’t react properly to it
She is the best and most loving person I could possibly imagine to be with when she is happy
Then suddenly…
She changes…without warning
And me, like an idiot, still not good with dealing with it
I think because it make me feel like, why I gotta bear the brunt, all the time?
Am I the only man go through this, or do all relationship/females have these issues?
This is now my 2nd child/daughter and the main reason she is here is because I wanted a family, I was young the first time round and knew nothing about being an adult, much less a man and boyfriend and father
Now it seems the day and age I’m in is more intent on broken homes and troubled people who continually are affected by coming from broken homes
Try as I might the life I want may actually be a myth nowadays and so I ask,
What is the true meaning…of life families and relationships?


My spirit…

My spirit is dying slowly…
The chick I’ve got, the friends I had…
How do I turn it around??

No matter what…
It seems to be all my fault??

Need to figure it out ASAP !!

I broke the rules

At age 31 some days it daunts on me that I seem to have let myself go..??

‘Dont put all your eggs in one basket’… A common phrase

Well…I decided I want a baby, ‘yes, men feel like that too sometimes’!!
I wanted a baby and a girlfriend/wife aka a family

With everything in life, there is a price, a sacrifice, some type of change/loss one has to incur to achieve the desired outcome

The girl I chose to attempt it with made it clear she was fully independent and had no problem in doing as she feels ie messing with more than one man at a time

Me, trying to overlook that but with a pinch of salt, pursued further as she had many qualities desired by myself
No one is perfect and so change began…

I couldn’t then tell her to change her life immediately as that only comes with time
In the earlier stages, both our phones would alert often some previous attraction checking in or our general social life

Slowly I had to change as well, as sometime change come from demonstration eg. I had to slow up my social network use before expecting the same of my spouse

Trouble with changing, being I knew I wanted this whether thick or thin, I would give it my best shot
Firstly I left my locality, which is an hours drive from hers, obviously my own choice, but in doing so I’d have to adapt a lot differently, and socially I disconnected drastically in order to focus on my new situation, which, again, I chose to do so

To my point now, later in, there are moments when she is a different person towards me and I feel slightly lost
Because, ‘I have made my life here’
She is still in her locality and can still easily manoeuvre socially and in winding me up with her behaviour

For, when she does, I am sat here looking at the walls knowing I wanted this, not the temperamental, but the family, thick and thin??

I researched the behaviour and it is classed as ’emotional abuse’
As I stare at the walls, I wonder why I want this so bad??

One thing I realised, men, we gotta pursue women, dates, communication etc
For them with their pretty, witty, and/or sexy selves, sex is on a plate for them, a lil half naked pic, a lil ‘hello’ txt msg

But me now, who cut everything off, ‘put all my eggs in’, think this b@*%h somehow is holding the cards and enjoys playing them

How bad do u want it???

2014 + Monogamy

I sometimes see people in my generation aged 25 – 35, who’s parents are still together.
I marvel it when I do, and try to imagine, there must have no doubt, been ups and downs, but WOW!
That is love and strong will…

I envy those, with those parents, only for a mere second.

I do feel spiritual at my age of 31, and raising children within a loving environment, appeals to me now more than most other things as I grow older.

The trouble is, monogamous relationships in this current day and age are way more difficult to maintain
The competition and access is fierce
The competitors all offer that gleam of appeal

But then…

Only a strong-willed individual, as well as two in a relationship with joint ambitions and beliefs, can keep composed as to deflect those others and their advances, if so.

I somehow feel, unions and partnerships in relationships, make more balanced children that develop into adults

Why I say this?

A child deserves the best opportunity in life starting with two parents, who, despite life and financial pressure/s, love each other and shed that love onto their child,
As, he/she needs teachers of both sexes to teach him/her about their self, and about male and females and how to act around them.

As we get older more of us are starting to attempt what is right but do stay strong folks
Your little people will admire you for it ….

Here now

Welcome to my blog that I’ve taken years to create, knowing deep down that I am an elaborate and artistic writer.

My choice of words and sentences have been known to keep a reader entertained and have also solved quite a few semi-legal matters.

So here I am, happy reading!!